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Catching your AC problems on time is essential. Air conditioning problems occur at the most inconvenient time. Knowing the signs that your air conditioning unit needs repair will save you from significant repairs or failures. But how do you know your Air Conditioning unit needs a little TLC? These are the signs your AC needs repair or replacement by a Jacksonville HVAC services company.

Warm air

If your HVAC is blowing warm air, it will not make your home relaxed and comfortable. This could show that the compressor is not cooling the air, or the system is low on refrigerant. Rather than pulling air from the compressor, the duct could be pulling air from an attic space or from outside.  

Faulty thermostat

Your AC receives a command from the thermostat. It communicates with different parts of the AC to let it know the amount of air it needs to generate. If your AC unit runs for a short time before shutting down or if it refuses to turn on, it could mean that the thermostat cannot determine if your AC is working correctly or not. Therefore, you need a heating and cooling in Jacksonville, Florida, specialist to examine your AC.

Moisture leak in and around your unit

If you notice odd color around your system, know it's time to call for repair. Refrigerant leaks are the most severe types of leaks you may experience. They are poisonous, thus raising a cause for alarm.

High utility cost

Power bills shoot up with a decrease in the efficiency of your AC. Contact an HVAC tech to look at your unit if you notice the power bill rise is not due to increased use during summer. There could be a problem with the thermostat, ductwork or you need to do a replacement.  

Noise coming out of your AC

If you hear squealing, grinding, or scraping while the AC is on, there is a problem with the belt moving out of place inside the unit. Contact home AC repair in Jacksonville, FL, to avoid costly damage to other parts.

Strange odors while the AC turned on

A musty smell may indicate mold somewhere inside the AC or ductwork, while a strong smell might indicate a burned-out wire. Get a professional to diagnose these problems as soon as possible because this can lead to your family falling sick.

Little air blowing out of vents

Weak airflow leads to cool air blowing out of the AV but in insufficient amounts, making it hard to circulate through the room. This might indicate a problem with the compressor or ducts. Because of the uncertainty of what is happening, contact a professional heating and air conditioning, technician. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure no more significant issues await you in the future. 

Frequent AC failure

If your AC has undergone repair at least three to four times in a short period, it is time to consider a new purchase to stop the nightmare of frequent repairs.

AC not removing enough humidity

Another work for your AC is to reduce the amount of humidity in your house. If you notice some humidity inside your house while the AC is on, it means the unit needs repair.

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Home Ac Repair Jacksonville Fl

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