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Plumber Keller TX

Plumber Keller TX

From fixing dripping faucets and clogged toilets to fixing faulty water heaters and low water pressure, Morgan Leak Detection & Plumbing can help you overcome all your plumbing problems. We are an affordable plumber in Keller, TX.

Cost of a plumber

Plumbers can charge either a flat fee or an hourly fee based on the type of repair and scope of the project. For small repairs, plumbers generally charge a flat fee, and for large size repairs, they may charge an hourly rate. On average, hiring a plumber can cost anywhere from $150 - $350. Simple plumbing repairs such as drain cleaning, unclogging sinks and bathtubs, fixing faucet leaks, etc., can cost anywhere from $70 to $250.

Large scale plumbing repairs like fixing a water heater, sump pump, fixing major structural leaks, etc., can cost anywhere from $500 to $800. Our plumber in Keller, TX, tackles all kinds of plumbing repairs and projects such as fixing leaky faucets, installing a water heater, fixing burst pipes, etc. We also install water lines and new plumbing fixtures at affordable prices.

Do homeowners' insurance cover slab leaks?

Water damage is one of the common home repairs faced by more than 98% of homeowners. Your insurer may offer coverage if the damages meet their criteria. Even if you meet with the insurance policy's conditions, you may still get coverage only for removing the damaged parts in your home. You may not get coverage for the cost of replacing the pipes.

Likewise, to offer you coverage, your insurance company will check to see the extent of water damage and if whether the damage is sudden and unexpected. Homeowners' insurance does not cover water damage as a result of poor maintenance and negligence. Slab leak repairs can go up to $2000, so make sure to call your insurer to check if whether they cover the cost of slab leak repairs.

Signs of a slab leak

The foundation of your house or the “slab” has several pipes responsible for regulating the water flow. It is not uncommon for one of these pipes to have leaks. Undetected leaks can cause pipes to burst over time, and that can severely affect your structure's integrity. Some of the signs of a slab leak include:

  • High water bills - An undetected water leak can lead to a water waste of up to 90 gallons a day. If you encounter a sudden increase in your water bills, have a professional inspect your property for water leaks.
  • Foundation cracks - Look around for cracks on your floor as it could be a result of a burst pipe in your foundation.
  • Moisture - If you experience noticeable moisture on your baseboards and floors, it could be due to water leaking through the slab.

Besides, if some spots in your kitchen floors feel warm to the touch, it’s a sign of a leak. Contact Morgan Leak Detection & Plumbing today for help with plumbing repairs. We are an affordable plumber in Keller, TX, to offer an immediate and long-lasting resolution to your plumbing problems.

Plumber Keller TX
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Plumber Keller TX
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